New ERP system for more process efficiency

RIs Rubber nieuw erp systeem

In response to the growth of the organisation, RIS Rubber has been operating a new back-office system since 1 January 2019. This new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system controls the order administration, production planning and product information of the entire organisation, among other things.

The old system no longer matched the requirements of RIS Rubber; by moving onto this ERP system, we can manage, analyse and adjust our business processes with enhanced efficiency and transparency. To that effect, all internal processes have been mapped out afresh and incorporated into the ERP system. Customers will notice the effects, especially in the upgraded form of correspondence with RIS Rubber.

Proven added value of the system

In view of the importance and impact of such a transition, RIS Rubber has opted for an ERP system from a provider with extensive experience of production businesses like RIS Rubber. The developer is in fact a production organisation of long-standing that was looking for an optimal back-office system for its own business processes.


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