About RIS

RIS Rubber provides sophisticated solutions in the domain of moulded rubber products and rubber to metal bondings. Custom-made products when appropriate; serial production if necessary. With 180 skilled employees, modern testing facilities and an innovative R&D department, we have been a specialist international manufacturer since 1955.

Flexible production

RIS Rubber operates production presses of various dimensions and closing force at two locations, so we can develop moulds for many applications. In Lelystad (the Netherlands) we operate machines specifically for smaller series and high-grade niche products. In Kula (Bulgaria) we mainly produce larger series. The benefit to you: a top quality, solutions for competitive prices.

Let’s make things together!

Collaborating to find a solution is absolutely central to RIS Rubber. We convert your story and requirements into a product. We calculate and analyse the design model using advanced design and measuring equipment. The demand comes from your end; we have the knowhow and expertise.


As for the solution… We create it together.

Let’s make things together!