What is FKM?

What is FKM? | RIS Rubber

What is FKM? FKM rubber is also known as fluoride rubber or Viton, a well-known trade name for FKM rubber registered by DuPont. Because of its superior properties as compared to other types of rubber, this grade is used for many industrial applications. The quality of FKM rubber is precious by virtue of its unique raw materials and properties.

What is FKM? 

Among other things, FKM rubber is based on hexafluoropropylene and vinylidene fluoride. The main benefit of FKM rubber is that it can withstand chemicals and high temperatures. This grade also withstands hydrocarbons, acids and lyes. Its mechanical properties are stable up to temperatures of 250 °C. It is because of these properties that FKM rubber is the preferred grade for use in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

FKM rubber is minimally flammable and has restricted flexibility in cold conditions. This grade of rubber withstands very aggressive types of oil due to its chemical resistance. Resistance to wear is good, and it can withstand temperatures from -20 to +250 °C. FKM rubber is also easily identifiable by its high specific mass, meaning anyone can detect that it is heavier than the same volume of other grades of rubber.

FKM rubber cannot withstand ethers, ketones and bases, although it is tolerant of compression, even at high temperatures.

What is the application of FKM rubber?

The aviation, automotive and chemical industries have been using this type of rubber for more than fifty years because of its excellent resistance to heat and chemicals, and the fact that it is unaffected by fuels such as petrol and kerosene and many solvents. This is also the reason why this type of rubber is frequently used for hoses, O-rings and other sealing products.

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