What are shockpads, bridge supports and support blocks?

What are shockpads, bridge supports and support blocks

A shock pad is a rubber product that is capable of handling very heavy loads caused by vibrations and associated tension over dozens of years. Shock pads are also compared to bridge supports or support blocks.


Heavy loads

Shock pads are subjected to heavy, static loads. Special raw materials are therefore used for this application that feature minimal creep properties and exhibit no permanent deformation after pressing. This means that this rubber product does not sag under the influence of continuous pressure. The Natural Rubber quality is often used (link).

If the shock pad is liable to come in contact with oil, for example, natural rubber is not really suitable. To be able to use the desired quality of natural rubber all the same, the outside is coated with a few millimetres of CR rubber, which can withstand oil.

Specific properties:

  • Rubber absorbs vibrations.
  • Rubber is stiff by nature, which is why it can keep a heavy load in place.
  • Voluminous, heavy rubber shock pads must be capable of withstanding exceptional loads and therefore a combination of metal and rubber is preferred. Read more here about the melding of rubber and metal.
  • Rubber products always tend to revert to their original shape, which is why they remain functional for a long time.

What are the applications of these rubber products?

A bridge rests on rubber supports in order to absorb vibrations. High buildings often rest on support blocks so that the vibrations of earthquakes can be absorbed, which greatly reduces the risk of a building collapsing.

Shock pads are also widely used in the onshore and offshore industries, for example on drilling rigs. Shock pads improve the labour conditions on drilling platforms as well as reducing wear and tear of the systems.

Finding the right solution together

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