How do you absorb vibrations using rubber?

How do you absorb vibrations using rubber | RIS Rubber

As a material, rubber has many special properties, including excellent resistance to wear, elasticity and resilience. Thanks to these properties, rubber is used on a large scale for products that are subject to heavy loads.

The function of rubber

Without rubber, a car would simply fall apart due to vibration. A bridge is underpinned by rubber and metal support structures, and buildings in areas that are prone to earthquakes are made vibration-free using rubber products. As already stated, rubber is very good at absorbing vibration.

Rubber can also be found in domestic applications. The noise of a washing machine is significantly reduced by the use of rubber, and the rubber hammer used by a paver ensures that the paving slabs don’t break. The protective rubber mats in children’s playgrounds have been specifically tested so that when a child falls, the impact will be absorbed by the rubber, eliminating or reducing injury to the child.

RIS products

All kinds of products designed to absorb vibration are manufactured at our production locations. For example, we produce vibration dampers that function as support blocks under the large engines of cargo ships. We also produce the silent blocks that absorb vibration in shock absorbers.

Production of rubber vibration dampers

Most of the rubber vibration dampers that we produce in our factory also incorporate a metal component. For these materials to be connected, the metal must be pre-treated. This treatment takes place in our metal pre-processing department, where we have all the resources necessary to prepare the metal for the rubberizing process. This preparation is crucial to achieving an effective bond between rubber and metal. Read more about the bonding of rubber to a metal here.

The next step is the rubberizing of a vibration damper in combination with metal. Due to their bulky nature, such rubber products are often manufactured using a compression press. If a compression press is used, the cold rubber is placed in the mould manually before the closing force and heat of the press causes the rubber to fill the shape of the cavities in the mould.

Custom-made rubber products

If you are looking for customised rubber products to absorb vibrations, please feel free to contact us; we would be delighted to discuss the possibilities with you.

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