A tailor-made top product

RIS Rubber will develop a compound that meets your requirements, collaborating with compound suppliers of our choice. There are currently at least 200 types of compound, and thanks to a boundless number of product formulas, the possibilities are almost limitless. Every moulded rubber product is custom-made, and together with our chosen rubber supplier we will put together a custom-made compound if this is required for your product.

Rubber is a smart product

Thanks to its dimensional stability and elasticity rubber is flexible, but always returns rapidly to its original shape. Rubber is therefore suitable for a multitude of applications. In addition, the damping quality of rubber and its ability to resist wear and absorb vibrations are outstanding. Rubber also adheres extremely well to, for example, metals and composites.

The application determines the type of rubber

Our Research & Development specialists know the possibilities for your application. A multitude of factors will affect the choice of the most suitable compound, including wear resistance, stability, damping, combination with other materials, weather conditions, ozone resistance, fluid contact, cold/heat resistance and fire-retardant action.

From prototype to production

If required, we develop a demo model from a trial mould to test the prototype. This will be adjusted in terms of design and compound properties on the basis of the test results. Once the model has been approved, we can start production. RIS Rubber can manufacture products in quantities from as little as one unit, and can handle weights ranging from a few dozen grams to thousands of kilos per product.