RIS Rubber Bulgaria

RIS Rubber Bulgarije, one of the two RIS Rubber factories, is situated in the small town of Kula in the north-western part of Bulgaria. The Bulgarian company is not itself active on the market as its production is assigned solely to RIS Rubber Nederland. Production in Bulgaria is characterised by the standardisation of processes and product groups, ensuring that we can produce larger series in an efficient manner. Our production in Bulgaria – which is a 24/7 operation – is primarily geared to the agricultural and recycling industries and the automotive sector.

RIS Rubber’s Bulgarian factory is well-appointed, with 75 rubber presses, consisting of 25 injection presses and 50 mould compression presses in a variety of dimensions. By virtue of this extensive machine park and a human capital of 140 colleagues, we can provide a broad package of production options, enabling us to serve our customers with speed and efficiency. We send products from Bulgaria all around the world every day, whereby RIS Rubber Nederland handles all customer contacts.

Full-rubber and rubber/metal connections

Our production in Bulgaria is dedicated to the manufacture of a multitude of products, either full-rubber or rubber with metal. In order to ensure efficient production flows, the factory has several departments where, among other things, rubber is pre-processed and metal parts are treated in preparation for the production process. After vulcanisation, products are also post-processed in a technically dedicated department. All departments are fully aligned with one another in terms of planning, so production can take place as effectively as possible, and just like RIS Rubber Nederland, RIS Rubber Bulgarije is ISO 9001:2015-certified.

Around 70% of the products that we manufacture in Bulgaria are rubber/metal components, and it is the proper pre-processing of metal that ensures these two materials can be merged into one product. Read more about the bonding of rubber to metal here.

The two RIS Rubber sites complement one another, ensuring that we can respond to even the most challenging rubber demands of our customers.