Why do seals contain rubber?

Why do seals contain rubber? | RIS Rubber

Why do sealing components contain rubber? Many machines and installations in a variety of industries would be useless without rubber seals. One of the most useful properties of rubber is the fact that it has a memory. When pressure has been exerted on rubber, this material will always return to its original shape. This means that a rubber seal can retain a fluid, odour or gas at all times, and that is the why rubber is an indispensible materials for sealing components.

Designing a rubber seal

When engineering a rubber seal, it is essential to decide the best material from which to make the product, and what shape it needs to be. The answers to these questions can be found by determining how much pressure will be exerted on the seal, what substance will be flowing through it and the prevailing temperature at which it will operate. The eventual rubber seal must be able to cope with all three of these factors, so knowing them is crucial to ascertaining which grade of sealing rubber is required.

Rubber qualities

Each rubber grade has its own unique properties; EPDM can withstand ozone and UV radiation whereas FKM rubber operates well in extreme temperatures. Following consultation with the customer, we can produce any quality of sealing rubber, and we are always keen to find the right solution.

Why do seals contain rubber? | | RIS Rubber

Several kinds of sealing components

We produce tens of thousands of seals in our production facilities every year, ranging from customised full-rubber seals to the application of rubber to metal valves. We are also capable of handling rubber/metal seals. By virtue of our comprehensive expertise and wide experience in the field of customised sealing components we can also provide extensive advice.
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