Why must rubber be able to take a knock?

Why must rubber be able to take a knock? | RIS Rubber

Why is it so important for rubber to be able to withstand a few hard knocks? Rubber bumpers are used to protect vehicles, and they are also used in the shipping industry and in the construction of bodywork. RIS Rubber produces buffers and fenders in a variety of sizes and types; we also supply a wide range of customised rubber bumpers.

Applications of rubber buffers

Rubber bumpers or buffer blocks are essential on many commercial vehicles to ensure safe docking and to protect both the vehicle and the loading bay from damage. Rubber buffers provide optimum protection for the loading dock.

Boats and vessels are fitted with fenders, and it is especially important during the mooring of a vessel that it has a rubber fender to prevent any undue damage.

Rubber buffers are also found on trailers, in parking garages, as bumpers on forklift trucks or as wall protection devices. The functional diversity of these rubber products implies a wide range of designs, all of which fulfil the same protective function.

Production of rubber fenders

At RIS Rubber, we generally only produce custom-made products for our customers, but rubber fenders are among the few products that RIS manufactures using its own mouldsBlueprints for our current range of rubber fenders can be requested here.

Obviously, we can also manufacture bespoke rubber buffers and fenders. The appropriate quality of rubber to produce each rubber bumper is assessed according to its function to ensure that shock impact will be absorbed effectively, and design is always key to any type of rubber bumper. Working with each client, we decide on the optimum design for the required function of the product.

If you are looking for rubber bumpers, fenders or buffer blocks, RIS Rubber already have their own moulds and are therefore able to ensure speedy production, and if you are looking for a customised rubber bumper, you have also come to the right place! Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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