The agribusiness is an innovative industry, increasingly focused on effective methods of operation. This entails the intensive deployment of machines, many of which incorporate components that we produce. Thanks to our long experience in the agricultural industry, we know exactly which qualities of rubber are required for specific applications. Our customers can therefore rely on the high-quality products they require to achieve optimum productivity.

  • Slit-Foot-Slurry-Injectors are fitted with rubber ejectors to inject the slurry into the soil. The main benefits of this are the optimum intake of nutrients, as well as a more environmentally friendly operation.

  • Planting machines make use of rubber belts to plant a wide range of crops with speed and accuracy.

  • We also make haulm toppers for harvesting machines to separate the haulm from potatoes and sugar beet prior to harvesting. The crop, once fed into the machine, is transported by rubber-coated pintle bars to ensure that the crop is not damaged. Drive rollers and transport rollers, all fitted with rubber protection, are also used in these conveyors.