On & Offshore

Onshore & offshore are challenging industries, in which many RIS customers are active every day. Developments unroll at an increasing pace and products must meet stringent quality requirements. We have made substantial investments in our R&D department and testing facilities over the past few years to enable us to support our customers properly. We have in-house facilities for the full-scale development, production and final testing of rubber products, which deliver the benefits of short lead times and manageable costs. Among other things, RIS produces large metal-reinforced seals as well as bottom door seals for trailing suction hopper dredgers. Spring components in a wide range of shapes and sizes are made for the vibration-free suspension of ship engines. Rubber shock fenders ensure that damage to vessels and quay walls are avoided during mooring.

  • RIS has gained wide experience in the development and production of the shock pads applied in offshore jacking platforms. These platforms sail to a location, where they anchor themselves by positioning the platform legs on the sea bed. Once positioned, the platform is brought to the required working height by means of a lifting system and then secured. Our shock pads ensure that vibrations are absorbed; this improves the working conditions on the platform as well as reducing wear and tear on the systems. Loads can be continuously measured by combining these shock pads with load cells.