Sealing products

Seals come in a wide variety of types and sizes. Although seals can be made from all kinds of material, rubber is often the preferred choice because of its unique properties. Rubber reduces vibration and stress, is watertight and always returns to its original shape. The careful selection of exactly the right material for rubber seals is essential, and requires extensive experience and expertise. Here at RIS Rubber we have this experience and expertise, which is why we are always able to provide the best advice.

RIS Rubber offers a wide range of the different qualities of rubber used in the making of seals. This includes both standard qualities and qualities that comply with the many international standards applicable in the food industry and in applications for potable water. In addition, we also process many special rubber qualities that are suitable for extremes of temperature or able to withstand aggressive substances.

  • Tailor-made seals

    We produce a number of tailor-made sealing products for our customers; these are notably used for butterfly valves, canalisation systems, dredging seals, the shipping industry and onshore and offshore applications.

  • Rubber/metal seals

    In addition to full-rubber seals, we also produce seals that are reinforced with polyurethane (PU) and/or metal. For example, for dredging seals we make use of the unique properties of different materials – rubber, PU and metal. Thanks to this combination, less force is required to open or close the valve. This means the seals also last longer thanks to the reduction in wear and tear.

  • Applying rubber to metal valves

    RIS Rubber specialises in applying rubber to metal valves in a variety of qualities and sizes (Ø 50 to Ø 1,400mm). The fusing of rubber with metal is an operation that we perform at our own production site. We have laid out a special facility where metal is cleaned, blasted and coated with an adhesive primer to ensure proper bonding of the rubber with the metal. Once these process steps are complete, the rubber is applied to the metal valves using moulds on our presses.