RIS – rubber as art!

Although our moulded rubber products usually perform their functions in the agricultural or shipping industries, RIS Rubber can now also be admired in the art gallery. Roosendaal-based artist Wim Noordam has interpreted a large, circular bonding of rubber and metal in an impressive manner.
In 2018, there was an exhibition of Wim Noordam’s art in Lelystad town hall. He happened to get in touch with Wouter Rietdijk, and was intrigued by the beauty of rubber: ‘I recognised what a challenge it would be to photograph the production of moulded rubber products. My collaboration with RIS Rubber was a great pleasure; an informative guided tour taught me a lot about the different kinds of rubber, their applications, the processes and the business’.


As a graphic designer and artist, Wim Noordam’s field of interests is broad. ‘My strengths lie in the realisation of original creative designs and graphic art. Anything can inspire me: people, animals, objects, thoughts, home and abroad, businesses, past, future… the entire world is one massive source of inspiration! And that also applies to an apparently raw product like a large, semi-manufactured, rubber and metal industrial item’.


Although the exhibition includes a variety of Noordam’s work based on photographs taken in other situations, one of the first photographs taken by Noordam in the RIS factory led to the work currently on show in the ARA Hotel in Zwijndrecht. The artist explains: ‘This bonding of rubber and metal seemed to me to be a fine starting point. The interesting thing is that you tend – almost automatically – to look through the circular part towards the background. The foreground is a greenish colour, whereas the background is more colourful. The overall image results in a dynamic effect. And that matches my experience with the business; a dynamic community, which is not necessarily something an outsider would expect’.


The work of art is composed of a combination of different drawing and painting techniques with photography. The final result is a print on dibond, a rigid plastic sheet with aluminium outer layers, to achieve an attractive effect. If you are interested in purchasing or hiring the art object, please contact Wim Noordam or RIS Rubber.

If you would like to know more about Wim Noordam and his exhibition, please go to https://wimnoordam.nl/solo-expositie-hotel-ara-zwijndrecht


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