Stefan Reddemann, relationship manager with sales in his DNA

If you contact RIS Rubber with a query, your call or e-mail will probably be directed to Stefan Reddemann. Stefan (50) is the relationship manager of the sales team, and in this role he acts as the link between customers and technology. ‘The nice thing about RIS Rubber is the diversity of both its customers and products’.

When Stefan joined RIS Rubber in 2016, he was surprised by the number and variety of moulded rubber products: ‘It was only then that I realised that rubber is actually applied in every industry, in many forms, and in a range of products from large to small. Since taking an in-house training course, I am now more familiar with the possibilities and techniques of rubber, and when things get really technical I refer questions to the boffins’. As a relationship manager, Stefan is actively engaged with the work floor and businesses. The sales role is part of his DNA, but he has also fulfilled various other commercial functions in his career so far.

In his element with RIS

At ease with RIS and within his commercial team of five colleagues, Stefan explains: ‘We all have our specific duties. Although I am less frequently involved in the taking and processing of orders, we all help one another whenever this is necessary. I myself am mostly occupied with the quotes process; from the application to the submitting of a quote, although I also deal with customer questions. If there is an issue involving a product we have supplied, I make sure that the appropriate colleagues deal with it. After that, it is my responsibility to provide feedback’.

Relationship management is more than just timely delivery

Stefan lives in Lelystad, and mostly works from the office, but he is also in frequent contact with customers. ‘I use the phone to sort things out quickly or to update the relevant parties, but I like to set out all arrangements in an e-mail to avoid misunderstandings. To me, relationship management means inspiring trust, having a good knowledge of rubber, making clear appointments and listening carefully to the customer in order to understand what they want. Only then is it possible to focus on the customer’s wishes and – as it says in our slogan – give shape to the customer’s idea. And of course, clients always want to take delivery of the products ordered as soon as possible’.

Internal branding is important too

‘RIS Rubber is developing very well as a business. We have a young and dynamic team here in Lelystad, thanks to the inflow of many new people. The efficiency and automation of business processes keeps increasing without the loss of personal contact. Developments and innovation are in full swing and I feel comfortable with that. I like to be on board with the changes – it makes me enthusiastic’. Stefan also tries to inform and engage his colleagues by periodically producing in-house posters focusing on a particular product and customer: ‘It’s a way of making people even more aware of the fact that at RIS Rubber we are all working together on solutions for our customers’.

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