A new department within RIS Rubber

As of March 2019, a marketing department has been in operation at the Lelystad-based facility. My name is Marije, and I am responsible for marketing within RIS Rubber. A fantastic challenge awaits me – giving shape to the marketing of the business.

Six years ago I finished my studies in Communication at higher vocational level, after which I set to work in the field of marketing and communication. I like nothing better than immersing myself in the changing online world, and it is fascinating to see the ways in which marketing communication changes year on year.

A huge challenge

Rubber really is a trade in its own right. No two moulded rubber articles are the same, and each of our customers has their own individual requirements. Daily collaboration between customers and RIS is also key in this context. Between us, we devise those perfect solutions that ensure customer satisfaction. I am intrigued by the challenge of communicating this interaction more widely.

Where will you find my work?

The tasks that I perform within RIS are highly varied. For example, I wrote the newsletter you are currently reading. I also keep the RIS website and all social media channels up to date with the latest information and I make sure that all marketing processes are carefully maintained. In November the company will once again be attending the Europort event in Rotterdam, and communication between RIS Rubber, the stand builders and the organisers is also my responsibility. My joining the company has also accelerated the production of a new company video. Production has now been scheduled, and we will of course be showing you the video once it is complete.

Do you already follow us?

RIS Rubber is active on a number of social media channels and we are currently actively featured on the following media: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We not only use these channels to provide information to our existing contacts, we also want to inform potential customers about the activities of RIS Rubber. You are more than welcome to follow us on these channels, where the new company video will definitely also be featured.

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