A completely new working environment in 2020


There are many new developments going on within RIS Rubber. One truly major change has been scheduled for 2020, when a completely new working environment will be realised at the offices of our Lelystad-based facility.

The RIS Rubber building in Lelystad has been in existence for more than forty years now, and the time has therefore come to realise a thorough renovation. Plans for the new working environment were already underway in 2018.

A new environment in 2020

In order for us to commission a new office building in 2020, the existing premises will need to be demolished this year. The Lelystad production facility will remain operative throughout, and the existing premises will be extended with completely new infrastructure. The exterior of the factory will blend with the style of the new offices. RIS Rubber office staff will be housed at a temporary location until the new building is complete.

The architect has started.

The new, contemporary RIS Rubber office building has been designed by an architectural bureau. The internal set-up will be reviewed and all employees will be able to enjoy a brand new workplace. How things are going to look will remain a secret for now, but we aim to be working in a splendid new environment in 2020.

To be continued…

New working environment RIS Rubber