Proud of our new company video

RIS Rubber company video

RIS Rubber, in collaboration with the Devion video marketing bureau, have produced a new company video. A new concept has been selected; an animated video that explains what RIS Rubber is all about.

Devion is a young and progressive video marketing business, which produces animated videos, product videos, company films and a host of other products. As well as developing these videos, Devion can ensure that videos are accessed by the selected target groups.

New company video

We proudly present our new video:

RIS Rubber stands for rubber and the many shapes it can assume.

The animated RIS Rubber video has also been produced in English and German language versions. Check out our website for other language options.

The text in the video

When technical solutions demand the flexibility. And uncompromised customisation that moves along with you, isn’t afraid of a little resistance, can cope with stress under great pressure. And is able to take a beating. Then you need a natural partner that knows how to avoid risks, that gives you confidence and surpasses what you expect. From the design and engineering of each individual product, to the development of matching molds, the creation of your product and extensive testing of the end result. Fully customised, for each product and every need. For small productions or massive volumes. Always a fitting answer to your specific demand. That’s what RIS stands for and what you can expect form rubber.

We are hoping to make more videos that provide a good picture of our organisation. These videos will be featured on our website and social media channels, so follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn.

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