From rubber in nature to rubber in our premises

Example artificial tree

Rubber is a natural product, literally tapped from trees; indeed 95% of all natural rubber is harvested from the Brazilian tree Hevea brasiliensis, which can attain an impressive height of 30 m. The sap collected from these rubber trees is called latex, and it is this which is eventually processed into natural rubber. Since Hevea brasiliensis forms the basis of our industry, we have decided to give the tree pride of place in our new offices.

Rubber tree at RIS

Peter van Son Interieurobjecten has been producing unique artificial trees and plants that are amazingly true to nature since 1979, and they have developed an artificial rubber tree for RIS Rubber’s new office building.

Production of the tree

In October 2019, RIS Rubber approached Peter van Son with this commission. First the structure and appearance of the rubber tree had to be carefully analysed to enable the production of a replica; not least because the leaf texture of these trees is extraordinary. The design, specific requirements for the tree, and its placement in the new office building were mapped out in consultation with Wouter. The rubber tree will be installed in late March, and we can’t wait to see the final result.

Update on the reconstruction

The reconstruction of the new office building is progressing smoothly. Meanwhile, a time lapse film of the last four months has been made. The reconstruction began in mid-September (the start of the film) and the updated video follows the progress of the work up to the middle of January.
Watch video:

We would be delighted to welcome you to see the final result.

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