Moulds, the shapers of rubber products

Rubber mould 3d

Our mould engineers are happy to takes this opportunity to explain the process at RIS from first application to final product.

Start of the process

The engineering process is started on the basis of a product blueprint. Our mould engineers first determine what the mould for the product should look like. In doing so, they take account of the production method, rubber quality, numbers and product application. RIS uses compression presses for large products, whereas smaller products are mainly manufactured on injection presses providing that the numbers involved are sufficient.
We operate injection moulds for our injection presses. For our compression presses, we can choose to make either a compression mould, a transfer mould or an intrusion mould, which means we have a choice between three different ways of filling the mould with rubber. When the entire production process has been mapped out, the Sales department works out a quote for the product and mould costs.

Approval of quote

Once the quote has been approved, we can start the production of the mould blueprint. Based on our in-house expertise and longstanding experience of the production process, our mould engineers decide on the design of the mould. To make sure that the moulds will yield good products, we ourselves undertake the entire engineering process. We engage one of a number of European mould manufacturers for the production of our moulds. We will select the best partner for the production of a mould depending on the complexity of the mould, its size or the required speed of production.

From shaper to product

On average, the production of a mould takes between one and three months, depending on the complexity and size of the mould. Upon completion of the mould, a sample is produced. Our Quality Department checks the product and compiles a measurement report. This is sent to the customer together with the samples for inspection and official release. Upon receiving approval from the customer, we start manufacturing the mould on the rubber production press for which it was engineered. We always strive to construct a mould in such a way that we can integrate it into several presses, so that orders can be fulfilled as quickly as possible. Thanks to our extensive machine park, which is distributed across two facilities, our customers benefit from a large degree of flexibility.

If you would like more information about the production of a mould and/or our production process, please do not hesitate to contact us without obligation.