Welcome back, Demen

Demen Hartman | RIS Rubber

After an absence of one year, Demen Hartman has once again become part of our team as of the 1st of January. We are very pleased about his return and look forward to a congenial collaboration. Demen is also very happy about his return to RIS: ‘Coming home to RIS feels like getting into a warm bath’.

Return to RIS

Demen left our organisation late in 2019 to start working in his father’s business, Ingenieursbureau Hartman Constructies, which focuses on construction. After a year, Demen decided his future did not lie in the construction industry: ‘I simply did not find the challenges I sought, and had to conclude that mechanical engineering suits me better’. Thanks to his creative background, Demen feels he has more of a talent for process technology and the working out of technical solutions: ‘I studied Industrial Product Design at a higher vocational level. This is a technical study which teaches you to consider the user-friendliness of a product as well as the associated production techniques’.

‘I am committed to RIS from A to Z’

At RIS, the process starts with an inquiry from a customer who is either looking for a new product or wants to optimise an existing product. We engineer the moulds and moulded rubber articles in 3D and 2D using the SolidWorks plotting programme, and in doing so, we calculate and simulate rubber products, designing our moulds with the greatest possible efficiency. The moulds are engineered by us and produced externally, after which they undergo testing and product assessment by our own quality management department and, obviously, by that of the customer as well. Once they have been approved, we can begin serial production in either Lelystad or Bulgaria. Says Demen: ‘The nicest thing about my job is that I am involved from the concept right through to the production of the technical solution’.

New role within RIS

When he left RIS in 2019, Demen was a Mould Engineer, and he will now fulfil a new role as a Mould and R&D Engineer. Our technical manager will be showing Demen the ropes so that he will eventually take over tasks in relation to mould-making, and will be the first point of contact for the mould engineers. Demen will also be collaborating with the current R&D Engineer to realise enhanced product development for customers, as well as being involved in extensive testing. At the same time, the internal operational processes will be fine-tuned and improved to enable the production of rubber products with even greater speed and efficiency.

Demen expects to provide added value to RIS by virtue of his creativity, analytical thinking and technical insight. Since we are also convinced of that, we look forward to an agreeable collaboration

Let’s make things together!

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