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Here at RIS we are simply crazy about rubber, and are always delighted to share our enthusiasm and expertise with others. We are eager to explain why rubber is indispensable and to tell everyone about rubber’s almost boundless range of possibilities and applications. In collaboration with the Diveon video marketing bureau we have produced ten knowledge-bank videos, each one explaining one of the many aspects of rubber.

Qualities of rubber

Five of the videos are dedicated to the five specific types of rubber most commonly used worldwide. For example, one video describes natural rubber, explaining where it comes from and the type of products it is used for, as well as outlining the multiple possibilities of this rubber grade. There are four more videos about the grades NBR, SBR, FKM and EPDM. Each video can be accessed by clicking on the grade name.

Videos have also been produced about the different properties of rubber, explaining, for example, why rubber is so resilient, how it can absorb vibrations and why it is used for gaskets. Select a video by clicking on one of the subjects.

Rubber-metal connections

One of our special fields of expertise is connecting rubber to metal. Rubber and metal are not materials which associate readily by nature, but they do often need to be joined together. Learn more about this production process, which is one of our specialities, by watching the video on rubber-metal connections.

Metal and rubber | RIS Rubber

Production process

The last video shows how a moulded rubber product comes about by means of a vulcanising process, starting with a blueprint or design and ending with a finished, tailor-made rubber product.

If you would like to know more about rubber, or if the videos have raised any questions, please feel free to contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you.
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