New injection-moulding press in Lelystad

New injection-moulding press in Lelystad | RIS Rubber

Over the past few months, we have implemented a rearrangement of the layout at our Lelystad production site, particularly with regard to the area where the injection-moulding presses are located. A number of our compression-moulding presses have been relocated to our affiliate HDRT, and we have also invested in a new injection-moulding press, resulting in shorter lead times.

The relocation of some presses to HDRT has freed up room for the new injection moulding press, enabling us to respond to the growing demand for injection-moulded products. The new injection-moulding press was supplied by MAPLAN, and thanks to the purchase of this press we have been able to expand our capacity, while at the same time reducing the lead times of orders.

What is an injection-moulding press?

The feeding of rubber into an injection-moulding press is a mechanised process whereby an endless rubber strip is fed into the machine from a container before being injected under high pressure into the cavities of the mould. After vulcanising, the products and waste are manually discharged using compressed-air. The product is often also checked, trimmed or stripped of flow brims as part of the process. This manufacturing method is particularly suitable for large series because of the short production times. An injection-moulding press is also capable of injecting the required volumes with outstanding precision, thereby ensuring a minimal waste of rubber.

Capacities at our production locations

In the Netherlands, we have the capacity to inject more than 10 litres per cycle, using 630 tons of closing force. Our Lelystad production facility has a total of six injection moulding presses, but at our production site in Bulgaria, where 25 injection-moulding presses are available, the maximum shot volume is as much as 20 litres.

Production possibilities

We manufacture full-rubber articles at both production locations, however, using an injection moulding press, we can also produce rubber/metal components. The metal is pre-processed, after which it is manually positioned in the mould to be vulcanised. Coloured rubber products, which are used in the food industry among other things, are also frequently manufactured using an injection-moulding process.


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