Continuation of HDRT under a new name

Since 2021, following their take-over of Hofland Deltaflex Rubbertechniek, Hevea Holding has continued to operate under that name in the village of Tolbert. That’s quite a long name, I’m sure you will agree, which is why the company changed the name to Hofland Rubber as of the 23rd of January 2023.

This makes it immediately clear that the family-owned business belongs to the same holding as RIS Rubber of Lelystad, and we continue to work on the future of the business and of our customers, operating under the very same standards, values and expertise.

Obviously, a new logo and associated website go hand in hand with a new name, and on the renewed Hofland Rubber website, you will find more information about the business, the people who work there, and of course, the production possibilities.

RIS Rubber and Hofland work closely together to serve our customers, with Hofland Rubber specialising in the cutting of rubber articles, the production of moulded-rubber items, and in rubber extrusion.

A fitting solution for all applications