New compression moulding press in Lelystad

There has been plenty of activity in the RIS Rubber factory in the past few months, making space for our new compression moulding press. In commissioning this new press, we aim to significantly increase our capacity, at the same time as ensuring more congenial working conditions for our operators.


Pan Stone have customised the compression moulding press for RIS Rubber, so it incorporates all of our requirements. Thanks to our collaboration throughout the last nine years, we know we can rely on Pan Stone’s expertise, and this is the 21st new press that Pan Stone has delivered for our production facilities in Lelystad and Bulgaria.

What makes this press so unique? Good question! This compression moulding press is an upper-pressure press, meaning that pressure is applied from the top, as opposed to generic presses whereby pressure is applied from below. Upper-pressure presses provide an ideal working height for operators, because the major part of the machine is situated at the top. Operators can work without having to use a platform and steps, which increases efficiency, as well as making their work physically lighter.


Our new production asset will be fully focused on a single product: zinc dilatation profiles. We produce profiles consisting of two zinc elements connected lengthwise by rubber in lengths of up to 6 metres. We now have two presses for the production of these profiles, so once we have commissioned this new compression moulding press, we will have increased our maximum annual capacity to 180,000 running metres.