Switching to LED lighting

RIS Rubber is investing in sustainability and recently decided to replace all 242 fluorescent lights in the factory hall with LED lighting. This has resulted in a large reduction in the plant’s power consumption. In the future, we will also equip the shipping and storage hall with LED lighting.

The new LED lights consume only 41 watts each, while the fluorescent lights consumed as much as 116 watts each. This means a difference of 75 watts per lamp. The savings are huge: the plant saves 290,000 watts every day, which amounts to nearly 70,000 kW per year. This makes the investment worthwhile and is expected to pay for itself within 6 to 7 years.

Not only has energy consumption been reduced, but the quality of light has also improved. The LED lamps have a higher light output and provide brighter and more natural light. This makes working in the factory more pleasant and provides more peace of mind.

We are pleased with this sustainable investment and remain committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We will always continue to look for new ways to make operations more sustainable.