Joost van Uden – Sales Manager

‘As a Sales Manager I am responsible for the commercial activities of RIS Rubber, and our department liaises between our customers and the organisation. Our company is capable of supporting customers from A to Z; developing, testing and producing rubber products is our area of expertise. In my role, I try to match customer demand with our expertise to provide the perfect solution. Rubber is a product with special properties, which makes its application exceptionally versatile. This means we are active in a wide range of industries and – using rubber, that wonderful product – able to work out solutions for our customers time and again.’

Jitze Stegenga – R&D Engineer

‘ I have been working with RIS Rubber since 2005, when I finished my study in Technical Economics. My work involves the conversion of a customer’s idea into a functioning product. To do this, I need to make use of the proper resources. I might, for example, have to calculate the properties of rubber models by means of an FEM software package. In the follow-up stage, I assess the actual products by carrying out practice trials. This means I can match theory with practice at a fast pace. The scope of my work involves the whole of the process, ranging from the drawing board to final delivery to the customer. The wide range of product groups makes my job one big challenge. And this versatility is definitely characteristic of RIS Rubber.’

Cas Rood – Finance, Purchase & HRM Manager

‘Long-term vision is undoubtedly the strength of RIS Rubber. We have built up a network of quality suppliers, with whom we have solid price agreements both at home and abroad. This means we can offer competitive prices to our clients ourselves. At the same time, thanks to our transparent provision of financial information and the outstanding delivery reliability of our suppliers, we can meet the delivery times agreed. That’s why RIS Rubber is known as a reliable and flexible partner for high-quality moulded rubber products. What appeals to me is that every product – whether large or small – is underpinned by the extensive technology delivered by a technical team of 160 people, whereby all employees contribute to achieving the high quality of all our products.’

Edgar de Graauw – Technical Manager & Rubber Technologist

‘I am responsible for all the technical aspects of rubber and moulds. I develop new moulds with the design engineer and maintain contact with compound suppliers about existing and yet to be developed rubber mixtures. We are dynamic and flexible as well as highly inventive and innovative. Good advice about product design is important but the choice of a compound with the right mechanical and chemical properties for a dedicated application is definitely just as essential. The diversity of our product range and our expertise in rubber products makes us special In terms of dimensioning and weight, but also of function. One product will be loaded dynamically while another is loaded statically; almost without pressure or with a pressure that may run into millions of kilos. RIS Rubber stands for boundless production possibilities.’

Gabriëlle Fijneman – Production Manager

‘The special thing about RIS Rubber is that all our products meet the prevailing quality requirements. This can only be achieved with a motivated team and a well-oiled process. And I liaise with all our departments every day to achieve that. I take care of stock management, plan orders, optimise capacity utilisation and carry out recalculations. This necessitates close contact with our Quality Service and Sales department, but I consult intensively with the production coordinator in particular and, obviously, with the production people. On the other hand, I also assist our customers by monitoring the specified delivery times and ensuring that all aspects of orders in progress are carried out accurately. My biggest challenge? Making the impossible possible.’

Dirk van der Meulen – QESH Manager

‘To my mind, what is really special about RIS Rubber is the technology that is hidden behind seemingly simple products. After all, we jointly develop and produce innovative, high-quality industrial moulded rubber products whereby we also take seriously our footprint on the environment and people. It is my duty to realise those objectives in terms of quality, health, safety and the environment, and to secure them throughout our development and production process. Being the QESH (Quality, Environment, Safety & Health) Manager, I am co-responsible for the company’s quality and HSE strategy and its implementation. Its main objective is to supply a 100% quality product to our customers. And obviously we want our stakeholders to be aware of our accountability for operating safely and responsibly.’