Ball joint

Ball joint is a collective name for swivel joints that may be fitted with a rubber seal. Ball joints can be found in many applications, and they function in the same way as any spheroid joint in the human body. RIS produces rubber seals that are used for ball joints.

Use in the onshore and offshore industries

In the onshore and offshore industries, ball joints are mainly used for dredging operations and around oil platforms. If a ball joint is fitted to the extremity of a tube, the system as a whole can absorb much greater forces than could a massive tube alone in similar circumstances. Another benefit of a ball joint is the freedom of movement that this component creates.

The production of rubber parts

A ball joint may include a rubber seal that can pivot along with the ball so that the ingress of water is prevented (sealed). In addition, the seal ensures that the ball joint is constantly scraped clean to ensure optimal use. We produce rubber seals for ball joints with a size of up to about Ø 1,700mm. Rubber can be of paramount importance to the proper functioning of some ball joints.

Various industries

We produce all kinds of seals used in ball joints, not only for onshore and offshore operations, but also for the automotive sector and the agricultural industry. Not all ball joints require rubber though, and we obviously only specialise in those ball joints in which rubber plays a part.

There are numerous solutions in the field of ball joints. As a specialist in rubber products and seals, we are able to produce an infinite number of solutions for you.

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