At RIS Rubber we can manufacture a wide range of products thanks to the intelligent layout of our machine park. This, combined with the unique properties of rubber, mean that we can offer solutions to many branches of industry. And this breadth of orientation is reflected by the variety of industries into which our products find their way.


The agribusiness is an innovative industry, increasingly focused on effective methods of operation. This entails the intensive deployment of machines, many of which incorporate components… Read more


Quality, low cost and short lead times are vital in the automotive industry. In this context, we are well positioned to serve our customers from… Read more

On & Offshore

Onshore & offshore are challenging industries, in which many RIS customers are active every day. Developments unroll at an increasing pace and products must meet… Read more

Sealing products

Sealing products are available in wide range of types, dimensions and materials, with rubber often being selected because of its unique properties. RIS provides a… Read more


The separation of various materials is crucial to the efficient processing of waste. The use of grading machines forms part of the total recycling process. Read more