Leg sleeves for oil storage tanks

HMT Tanksystems

Oil is transported and stored in large tanks 24/7 around the world. The HMT TANKSYSTEMS company is a market leader in the field of above-ground tank solutions. Given the high standards required in terms of safety and emissions, the proper sealing of a tank is crucial. RIS Rubber produces so-called rubber leg sleeves for HMT.


HMT was founded in 1978 with the purpose of providing better technology to the market for above-ground storage tanks. The founders of HMT have introduced products that not only solved emissions issues, but also the operational problems of floating-roof and sealing technologies. Currently, HMT is a world player when it comes to above-ground storage tanks, and their operations include many associated activities such as the development, production, inspection, repair and coating of storage tanks. HMT has a massive presence due to its many facilities and employees worldwide, meaning that the business is able to collaborate as a partner with customers in all disciplines. The association between RIS and HMT continues to grow consistently. It began in 2017 with a single type of leg sleeve, and in the course of time, the range has grown to include five sizes and different qualities of rubber.

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Rubber leg sleeve

The product that we manufacture for HMT is a leg sleeve, usually made of EPDM rubber, although NBR or FKM rubber are also used. EPDM withstands both ozone and UV radiation well, and has a high chemical and temperature tolerance, as well as allowing effective processing during production. If even higher standards with regard to temperature or oil resistance prevail, FKM rubber is the preferred choice.
A leg sleeve consists of two half-bowls that are clamped around a leg. The inside of the seal is fitted with gasket profiles, and an intelligent fit ensures perfect interlocking of the components. Stainless steel hose clamps are used to fit the two half-bowls together to form a comprehensive sealing assembly.

Applications of the rubber product

The leg sleeve is primarily used for storage tanks with a floating roof; the seal reduces such emissions as may access the air via the tank legs. The seal also prevents rain water from entering the tank via the legs. The selection of the proper quality of rubber ensures a long life, resulting in a practically maintenance-free solution that can be installed rapidly.

We would be delighted to continue our productive collaboration with HMT and, wherever possible, to enhance it further.