Folding bellows made of rubber

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Rubber folding bellows can be found across multiple industries. A folding bellows is a multifunctional rubber component, also known as a rubber harmonica. A rubber folding bellows eliminates dust and dirt, absorbs vibrations as well as reacting flexibly to axial shifting movements, among others. The major benefit of producing a folding bellows from rubber is the outstanding flexibility of this material. 

Applications of a rubber bellows

Folding bellows can fulfil multiple functions and they are mainly deployed as a sleeve to protect vulnerable moving parts from water, oil, dirt and the like. Rubber folding bellows are also increasingly used as flexible couplings to connect two moving parts. The trick to folding bellows is that they follow all movements from compressing to extending, and back again.

Folding bellows – rubber harmonicas – are also used to protect (axially) moving machine components, or cylinder rods that run through the bellows and need to be protected. Rubber folding bellows can also be used as shock absorbers because rubber counteracts vibrations.

We manufacture rubber (folding) bellows with a length ranging from approx. 110 to 800mm in our production locations; large-scale production of smaller bellows for the automotive industry takes place in our Bulgarian factory.

Rubber grade for bellows

A folding bellows can be produced in any desired rubber quality and the choice depends upon the operational conditions as well as the area of application. A rubber (folding) bellows can be produced in the SBR, NBR or EPDM grades but other rubber grades can also be used.

Customised folding bellows

RIS Rubber is your ideal partner when it comes to customised rubber folding bellows. We can customise bellows – but other rubber products as well – entirely in keeping with your specifications, obviously including an appropriate active contribution from RIS. The best rubber products are the result of collaboration.

If you would like to know more about our production possibilities for folding bellows, or if you have a question about rubber mould products, please feel free to contact us. We would be delighted to discuss the possibilities with you.

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