Rubber rollers for the agricultural industry

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Many rubber products are used in agricultural machinery; rubber sieve conveyors and rollers are mostly used in harvesting machines, whereas the rubber in planting machines means that potatoes can be planted without any damage. Rubber is also used to remove soil and other dirt from crops. We manufacture various rubber rollers at our production sites, including axial rollers, spiral rollers, regular rollers or smooth rollers. We also produce bearing rollers, drive rollers and support rollers in a variety of lengths and diameters.

The function of rollers

Rubber rollers are an essential part of the cleaning modules on harvesting machines. Rubber ensures that crops are protected from damage during cleaning and internal transport. Because rubber is strong and durable, these components tend to last longer; another reason why so many rubber products are used in agricultural equipment. The upshot is that a clean and unblemished product is delivered to the end customer. As well as being important in cleaning, rubber rollers also help to move crops safely through the machine to the bunker.

Mould spiral rollers | RIS RubberRubber rollers at RIS

The various types of rollers – axial, spiral or smooth – each fulfil their own specific function in the machine. The production of each and every roller is unique, and we manufacture rollers in various lengths, diameters and qualities – always in line with customer requirements and following consultation to achieve optimal results.

Production process

The rollers are made of quality, high-grade rubber and can be supplied in a variety of diameters and lengths. The core of the roller is often made from metal which has been rubber-vulcanised in a compression moulding press following a pre-processing pathway. These production processes mainly take place in our Lelystad-based factory, and RIS produces thousands of rollers annually, in whatever dimension or diameter is required.

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