New business cases at RIS Rubber

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A new page entitled ‘cases’ has been added to the website, where we provide examples of our collaboration with various parties. Items range from the start of the cooperation to a look into the future. Read more about these business cases here.

Vanderlande; collaboration with a global top player

Vanderlande is the world market leader in efficient logistic process automation. Airports, parcel delivery services and distribution centres are their key customers.

Vanderlande systems process 3.7 billion luggage items per year at 600 airports all over the world, which amounts to some 10.1 million items per day; indeed Vanderlande systems are used at 13 airports listed in the top 20 ranking worldwide. The rubber mats of the baggage carousels on which suitcases are transported – more commonly known as rubber slats – are produced by RIS Rubber in Lelystad.

Read more here about the collaboration with Vanderlande.

Boskalis; an innovative stair fender for stationary dredging equipment

Koninklijke Boskalis Westminster N.V., with head-office in Papendrecht, are experts in the domain of dredging and maritime service provision. They are active in 90 countries, and deliver innovative and competitive total solutions for the offshore industry, ports and coastal and delta areas around the world.

Large vessels are often fitted with rubber fenders to protect the ship when mooring, or to prevent damage to two adjacent vessels offshore. The fenders are also used to enable the crew to access or leave a vessel offshore. This is not without risk, and so Boskalis and RIS Rubber have worked out a solution: the Stairfender.

Read more here about the collaboration with Boskalis.

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