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Steam boiler by RIS Rubber

In addition to the rebuilding of new office premises, changes are also taking place in and around the factory. The outer facade will soon feature a new look to match the office building, and improvements are being implemented in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility. Other than that, the old steam boiler, having given forty years of faithful service, is being replaced; a project which is being carried out by CAL Trading from Nieuwkoop.

Collaboration with CAL Trading

In late September 2019, RIS Rubber entrusted CAL Trading with the assignment to supply a new steam boiler installation. Just like RIS Rubber, CAL Trading is a family-owned business and supplier of steam boiler installations and pipeline networks for which they provide periodic maintenance. Providing a 24/7 service, they also take care of water treatment operations. You can find out more about CAL Trading here.

The function of the new steam boiler

Steam is the heat source for the presses used for the production of rubber products in the Lelystad factory. A more efficient and environmentally-friendly way of generating steam was key to the acquisition of the new steam boiler. The new ICI steam boiler is therefore fitted with a high-efficiency heat exchanger that can recycle heat from the exhaust gases produced during the pre-heating of feed water before it enters the steam boiler. This saves 5% on overall gas consumption. The gas burner in the new steam boiler is an extra-low NOx model from the manufacturer Weishaupt. The legal directive for the emission of these nitrogen oxides specifies 70 mg/m3 of waste gas, but thanks to the new technology, we will be able to achieve emissions as low as 25 to 30 mg/m3. This means that by commissioning the new steam boiler, RIS Rubber will be able to realise exceptionally low nitrogen emissions, safeguarding the continuity of our production process while remaining well within prevailing legal standards.

CAL Trading B.V.

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