Repair work to premises at Pekstraat 7

New office RIS Rubber

We were dismayed to discover in late April that our new offices were flooded following a major leak on the ground floor. This meant we had to move straight back to our temporary rented location at Pekstraat 2.
Now, six months later, we are happy to report that we will be moving back to Pekstraat 7 later in November.

If you are not yet up to date with the developments at Pekstraat 7, you will find the details here.

Repair work

Ensuring that the premises dried out thoroughly has been the priority in the last few months, alongside intensive consultation with damage experts, insurers and the building partners involved. As a result, the reconstruction of our new office building has taken rather longer than we would have wished.

Van Wijnen, the firm of builders from Lelystad, resumed repair work on the office building in late September. At the time, they also took care of the comprehensive new building project. The repair work is expected to take about eight weeks in total, so on Tuesday the 24th of November, the office staff of RIS Rubber will once again be relocating to the new office building.

Efforts are currently being made to restore the layout to the same style, ambiance and state that was originally planned. The fabulous kitchen furniture featuring the rubber tree will be re-built, and the very comfortable lounge benches will also take pride of place.


At RIS Rubber, we are looking forward to finally enjoying our new business premises, and we would be delighted to show them to you too, but due to the prevailing Coronavirus precautions, it may be some time before a guided tour can be organised.
Then again, at RIS Rubber, a promise made is a promise kept!

Obviously, we will be using social media to keep you informed about developments at the Pekstraat 7 premises.