A new compression moulding press in Lelystad

Jan van Dam Groep | RIS Rubber

The Jan van Dam Group transported a new Pan Stone compression press to our Lelystad production facility in August.

Time for renewal

Our old compression moulding press has served us well for more than 70 years, but operating it required heavy and intensive manual operations, so this was more than enough reason to opt for a newer machine with enhanced automation. TBS well edges are covered with rubber by the new compression moulding press and then sprayed with an anticorrosive primer. Thanks to the completely new layout of this production process, we can operate more efficiently with fewer moulds and with the added advantage of having the capacity to apply an anticorrosive primer to the products in the same production cell.

‘The former process of applying rubber to the well edge and spraying it required a great deal of time and energy. The new operation is more efficient as a result of the automation within the new layout’, says our mould and R&D engineer Demen Hartman, who designed and implemented the new layout.

Compression moulding press | RIS Rubber

Transport and installation

The new compression mould press was manufactured by Pan Stone in Taiwan. It was shipped to Rotterdam, after which the Jan van Dam Group took care of transport to the production facility. Unpacking the machine prior to unloading and installation saved some time. Jan van Dam Machine Transport brought the press to Lelystad, unloaded it on-site and positioned it in its final location using their robot mover, after which Pan Stone Europe installed the press.

Working at RIS Rubber

The new press has ensured additional capacity at RIS Rubber, allowing us to respond to the many enquiries we have received from both new and existing customers. We are still looking for new colleagues in our compression moulding facility so we can continue to meet that demand.


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