RIS Rubber is pushing for safety with new project

A new initiative was recently launched to ensure the safety of our employees. The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) project was initiated to ensure that all employees wear the right equipment to protect themselves while working.

Safety posters

To make this project a success, RIS Rubber developed four informative posters as a first step, which are hung at strategic locations in the factory. Each poster focuses on a specific aspect of personal protection, namely hearing protection, eye protection, arm and hand protection, and safety shoes. These posters provide important information on the importance of using PPE correctly, especially what happens when you do not use it properly.

PPE buckets

We also personalised the PPE buckets (called PPE buckets within RIS). The buckets are stickered, matching the posters, to make storing the PPE materials clearer as well. Each employee receives a personalised bucket in which they can store their PPE materials. The buckets are suitable for storing specific items, such as heat and cut-resistant sleeves (sleeves), gloves, safety glasses, hearing protection and, if applicable, a full/semi-mask.

Safety first

With this new PPE project, RIS Rubber demonstrates its ongoing commitment to the safety and well-being of our employees. Through the informative posters and personal storage buckets, we aim to ensure that all employees are well informed about the correct PPE procedures and have easy access to the necessary equipment.

The implementation of this project will not only improve workplace safety but also raise awareness to reduce the risk of injury. It is important for RIS Rubber to ensure that its employees can work in a safe environment and perform their duties with confidence.

We remain committed to promoting a culture of safety and will regularly review and update to ensure the PPE project remains effective. We are proud of our employees and are committed to providing them with the necessary tools to perform their duties safely and efficiently.