Agricultural machines are full of rubber products

Grimme Ricon

The family business GRIMME was founded in 1861 in Damme and started as a blacksmith. For more than 80 years the father of the current owner Franz Grimme senior developed the first machines for harvesting potatoes. That was the start of the GRIMME agricultural machine factory in the city of Damme, Germany. Over the years, the company has developed into a full-liner in the potato, beet and vegetable sector. The well-known red machines are used in more than 120 countries worldwide.

At the modern production locations in Damme and Rieste not only the GRIMME machines for soil preparation, laying and sowing, plant care and harvesting are made, but also the sieve belts and conveyor belts marketed by their affiliate RICON. More than 2,400 people work within the GRIMME group worldwide.

Moulded rubber products for agriculture

GRIMME uses various moulded rubber components in their harvesting machines, and these are made by RIS Rubber, among other parties. RIS Rubber applies rubber to the pintle bars for sieve belts and conveyor belts in a wide range of lengths and varieties. These rubberised bars ensure that the harvested crops are transferred from the ground to the machine without any damage. RIS Rubber also supplies haulm choppers that remove the haulm from potatoes and sugar beet, and applies rubber to the large transport and drive rollers that set the sieve belts and conveyor belts in motion.
Grimme Ricon agricultural machines


All the products that RIS Rubber produces for GRIMME are custom-made. Together with the customer, we decide for each product the best material for each specific application. Moulded rubber articles for the agricultural industry are produced by our factory in Bulgaria, and are delivered direct to our customers from there.


The collaboration between GRIMME and RIS rubber dates back to the 1980s, and as GRIMME has continued to develop innovative machines and solutions for the agricultural industry, so has the RIS Rubber product range continued to grow. In addition to GRIMME, RIS Rubber also collaborates closely with the other businesses in the group, such as RICON (sieve belt and conveyor belt technology) in Rieste and INTERNORM (plastic technology) in Damme. In spite of its size, the GRIMME Group is still a genuine family-owned business, and the new generation is poised to take control. This is in line with the developments that RIS Rubber has seen in past years and of which we are particularly proud.

If you would like to know more about the products that we manufacture for the agricultural industry please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.