The best recycling solutions thanks to rubber

RIS Rubber | Recycling

Lubo Recycling Solutions in Emmen, part of the Bollegraaf Group, delivers comprehensive recycling solutions. Thanks to its longstanding experience and extensive expertise, Lubo is a world leader in the field of air separation and sieve technology, developing, delivering and maintaining the best recycling solutions.

Many of the machines produced at Lubo feature rubber star sieves, and most of these come from RIS Rubber. These rubber sieves are produced by RIS Rubber in a variety of shapes, materials and dimensions.

A rubber star sieve

Lubo offers a variety of grading techniques. Rubber stars, fitted onto shafts, are used in the STARSCREEN® technology. The sieve fraction of these machines is determined by the size of the stars, the distance between them and the speed at which they rotate. The waste to be graded is poured onto the stars; larger items are displaced across the stars and smaller objects fall between the stars, landing on a conveyor belt.
In this way, waste is separated rapidly and accurately according to size for subsequent recycling. Because Lubo has access to such a wide range of rubber star sieves, this technique can be deployed for many types of waste. The smallest rubber sieve star produced by RIS has a diameter of 146mm, whereas the largest has a diameter of 880mm.

By virtue of the close collaboration between our engineers, optimally functioning star sieves can be established for each waste flow. For example, the separation of plastics requires a different type of star sieve from the separation of paper, glass or building debris. The perfect solution is sought in a joint effort.

‘Let’s make things together’

An effective collaboration

The cooperation between Lubo and RIS Rubber came about as early as the 1990s. The technology was new at the time, and Lubo started off with a small star sieve of 165mm diameter. In the years that followed, the size of the machines and stars continued to increase, and ever more areas of application opened up. Both businesses experienced steady growth, and the collaboration increased in intensity along the way.
Many moulds have been developed over the past 30 years, and these are now used to produce more than 50 different sieve stars for the Lubo company. Taking account of the continuous developments in the industry and the current interest in the effective recycling of materials, we have no doubt that many more varieties will be added.