Fresh air at RIS – new staff

In 2023, we welcomed 10 new colleagues! And since the start of 2024, new colleagues have also started. Some of those colleagues applied for a particular position, but were offered a position specially adapted for them. We speak to 3 colleagues about their start and work at RIS.

Maud Jonker – Technical coordinator

Maud applied for the position of Mould Engineering Coordinator through a recruitment agency. The vacancy really appealed to her, except for the engineering part. But of course, an interview with a cup of coffee is always possible. During the job interview between her, Demen and Wouter, she turned out to be a very good fit for the RIS Rubber team. Because we were keen to have Maud on our team, the position was partly adapted for her. We looked closely at her wishes, what she is good at and what she finds interesting. A few months have passed since then, and this appears to have been a very good choice!

Broadly speaking, Maud is responsible for creating and maintaining the planning of the mould shop. She also consults a lot with the production and sales departments and, of course, the engineers who design the moulds. The technical aspect certainly comes into play; she supports the mould shop by making drawings and liaising with suppliers.

One challenge Maud encounters in her job is dealing with different types of people. Incidentally, this is also one of the nicer aspects of her job. Because it is a new position within RIS, it is still a matter of finding out how she falls within the processes. So figuring it out and getting used to it! Fortunately, Maud describes the working atmosphere as open and calm. Because everyone is treated in the same way and the workload is under control, Maud feels right at home here for the time being!

Jelmer de Vries – Operations Manager

In November 2023, Jelmer started at RIS Rubber as Operations Manager. A completely new position at RIS! He is responsible for engineering and production. “Being the connecting factor between the various departments, and the close cooperation that develops here, really appealed to me. Putting our shoulders to the wheel together and continuing to improve is what we go for as a team. There is every opportunity to shape this position together.”

After only 3 months at RIS, Jelmer already feels he has been here much longer. During the application process, he immediately felt the cordiality and pleasant working atmosphere. He immediately noticed that it was a nice family business. The human aspect was an important point in making his choice for RIS Rubber. The beautiful products and extensive machinery made his technical heart beat a little faster.

Satisfaction comes to this Operations Manager when the next time things go nicer or better than last time. The working atmosphere is pleasant and together we want to achieve, and exceed, goals. Departments actively seek each other out and make an effort to understand each other. The fact that there is room to make “mistakes” is also a nice aspect of working at RIS Rubber. “We then actively look at how we can do things differently next time. For now, there are plenty of things waiting to be done. Digitisation continues and we keep improving what we are good at.”

Marieke Snijder – HR coordinator

RIS’s HR department could use a full-time coordinator. More staff also comes with more work on the HR front. Marieke started on 2 January 2024 and is already an integral part of the team. Her application process went quickly. There was a big push by both RIS and the recruitment agency! From moment one, Marieke felt welcome at the company, time was clearly taken for her as a person. “Within a short time, it feels like a place I’ve been coming to for years!” she says enthusiastically.

As the HR department within RIS Rubber has never been occupied full-time, she is now mainly busy setting up the department within RIS. Setting out the HR strategy, optimising documents, setting up onboarding and, of course, operational day-to-day matters are currently the focus.

Marieke is responsible for everything in human resources. Recruitment, absenteeism, contracts and focus on employee retention by generating a nice working environment. The department could also use an update in its documents and way of communicating, so that is also a focus area.

As to what the most enjoyable challenge she currently faces is, she has to think for a moment. “There is a lot of room to shape HR,” she says. “That space is nice but it also makes it harder to think about where to start. Building the full-time position is a nice challenge!” Marieke describes the working atmosphere at RIS Rubber as open and honest. And that although the company is production-driven, there is also very much room for sociability on the shop floor.

We are happy to expand our team with new colleagues! Are you curious to know what it’s like, working at RIS? Then call Marieke and she’ll tell you everything you want to know: 0320-22 61 15 or email